How to Get Started:

1. What type of books do you want to read? If your group is drawn together by a common desire to read Science Fiction, then the process will be easy. If not, then assess your group’s goals, and establish the types of literature you wish to read.

2. What format do you want to read? Many groups only select books that are available in paperback to make it affordable for everyone. How many members of your group have e-readers? Decide on what makes sense for everyone.

3. Upon selecting a title, make sure you have enough copies of the book in your collection.

4. Find out more about the author. Visit his/her website. Visit to see if a reading group guide is offered.

5. There are endless questions you can ask about a book: Does the book work? If so, why? Were the characters rendered fully? Were they real? Did the writer create an atmosphere that you could visualize? Was there a point? Were you inspired?

6. Meeting once a month is a typical arrangement, but of course it will depend on members’ schedules. Settling on a set date ahead of time will keep your book club on track and you’ll be less likely to cancel or reschedule. Some book clubs keep to a regular meeting day each month (the third Wednesday, or fourth Thursday, etc). Allow at least two or three hours for discussion.

7. Will you have wine and cheese? Chips and Salsa? Snacks always stimulate conversation!

8. Disagreement is good! It will spark the greatest of conversations, and can often lead to an understanding of more potent and complex issues.

9. Don't forget to keep track of what your group has read.

10. Have fun!



Helpful Websites

Book Club Girl: Book Club Girl is a blog dedicated to sharing great books, news and tips with book club girls (and guys) everywhere.

Reading Group Guides: Find helpful resources and discussion topics for a wide variety of titles from HarperCollins Publishers.

HarperCollins Community-Wide Reads: This catalog features titles with universal appeal which will resonate with your patrons. We have selected a variety of books designed to stimulate discussion, inspire creativity, and enhance community involvement.


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